Port Washington’s Laser Decay Detection Dental Team

Laser decay detection uses a small handheld diode laser to scan the surfaces of your teeth. As the light goes along, any areas of decay show up. This is because healthy tooth material does not fluoresce (glow) under the special light. Decayed tooth material, however, shows up clearly. This allows us to see forming cavities months or years before they will ever show up on x-rays. This early detection makes it very easy to catch small problems long before they get a chance to become big problems

Benefits of Laser Decay Detection by 3V Dental in Port Washington, NY:

  • Earlier detection. Decay at the tooth surface that might normally be hidden in an x-ray, and according to studies, these tools do a good job picking up this type of decay.
  • Discovering cavities an x-ray couldn’t pick up.

According to this study:

Laser decay detection is a great tool for dentists to have in their arsenal when fighting and identifying tooth decay, but it should not be the only tool your dentist relies on.

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