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The Root Canal Process

Root canal treatment (also referred to as root canal therapy or endodontic therapy) is made necessary when a cavity is allowed, through neglect, to reach all the way to this pulp. (Regular cleanings and checkups prevent and detect problems early) Sometimes deep restorations or trauma to a tooth may cause the nerve to be damaged to the point it needs root canal therapy, also. Once this occurs the pulp becomes infected, and can even extend through the root tip and begin to eat away at the surrounding bone (this is an abscess). By the time the pulp is infected it must be treated, and cannot heal on its own. It can even weaken the entire immune system. This is dangerous, not to mention very painful. Symptoms that the pulp has become infected may include sensitivity to hot/cold or sweets, pain, swelling, pain to biting or pressure, and a bad taste in the mouth. Sometimes, however, no symptoms are apparent and the person is unaware of any problem until a checkup.

According to the American Dental Association: Root canals, if untreated, the tissues around the root of your tooth can become infected. When this happens, you will often feel pain and swelling and an abscess may form inside the tooth and/or in the bone around the end of the root of the tooth. An infection can also put you at risk of losing your tooth completely because bacteria can damage the bone that keeps your tooth connected to your jaw.

A root canal is then performed to clean out the infected tooth pulp, and disinfect the canals of the tooth. The only other treatment would be to extract the tooth. Once the infection is resolved, the canal(s) are filled in to prevent any further infection. Usually a core build-up and crown is recommended for restoring a tooth that has had root canal therapy.

Hearing your dentist tell you a root canal is something you need is enough to make you stress. The good news is this means your tooth can be saved. It’s a procedure used to repair one or more teeth suffering from severe decay or infection. If you leave a tooth like this alone, it causes far more serious health complications. The state of your oral health has a profound effect on your overall health, which is why we work hard to ensure your mouth is healthy, happy, and one less thing you need to stress over.

Will I Need Root Canal Surgery?

If you experience some of the following signs, this could be something your dental professional wants to discuss with you:

– Toothaches that don’t go away
– Severe pain
– Sensitivity to hot and cold
– Your tooth begins to darken in color
– Gums swell
– Gums are tender

Issues like this are just one of the main reasons your dental professional wants to see you at least twice per year. Oral health issues such as this one can arise at any given time, but they’re far easier to treat and control when they’re caught early. If you notice any of these symptoms between check-ups, call the office to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal Cost

There’s no way to tell you right away how much this is going to cost you. There are several factors taken into consideration before a price is given. The first is the severity of your issue. The longer you want to see your dental professional, the longer your unhealthy tooth has to worsen. The worse it is the more expensive it is. Another cost factor is the tooth in question. Some teeth are smaller, easier to reach, and far more affordable than others.

It also depends on how much damage occurs, what type of surgery you need, and whether or not you have dental insurance. If you are worried about price for this surgery, don’t let that become your deciding factor. The pain of your tooth will become worse over time, and that’s not worth saving a few dollars.

Seeing your dental professional every six months allows us to see what’s going on in your mouth. When we catch issues early, we’re able to handle them with less invasive treatment and for less. Our staff is here to help you achieve the most beautiful smile.

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