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3V Dental Associates, located only a few short miles from Roslyn is at the forefront of promoting oral health through the application of advanced dental treatment technologies and disease prevention strategies. Everyone can do with a bright, healthy smile and that’s sufficient reason for you to choose 3V Dental as your local Roslyn dentist!  Our dentists at our state-of-the art office are also trained to diagnose and treat various oral conditions and diseases through procedures like tooth extractions, bridges and implants, filings and repair and cosmetic dentistry.

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Oral health by enlarge mirrors an individual’s general health and well-being. For instance, a gum disease can be linked to a host of health risks such as cancer, heart disease and atherosclerosis among other ailments. Statistics indicate that 35,000 new cases of oral cancer are registered in the US every year. The condition can be fatal if not treated on time. However, early diagnosis and treatment can enhance the survival rate by up to 90%. Our local Roslyn dentists take utmost effort to promote oral health while preventing expensive and potentially fatal health issues. Besides instituting treatment, a lot of emphasize is given to issues like nutritional wellness and other preventive measures.

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Being a one stop dental treatment center, our local Roslyn dental office offers wide ranging treatment options. The most popular dental treatments available include: dental exams, Invisalign, bridges, root canals, sedation dentistry, crowns, dentures, implants, laser decay detection and sealants. The list also includes TMJ Treatments, gum treatments, emergency services and restorations. Your local Roselyn dentist may recommend specialized treatments for patients that require special attention, but this will depend your diagnosis from one of our expert dentists. Specialized services cover braces, root canal therapy, tooth decay extraction among other procedures performed just miles from your Roslyn home!


Treatment for serious conditions like TMJ Disorders, sleep apnea and snoring more often than not requires specialized service. The treatment may involve restructuring and positioning the mouth and jaw. In certain serious cases, treatment may incorporate the use of oral appliances to ease symptoms and treat the underlying diseases. The digital imaging services at the treatment center are among the most advanced since it’s focused on making the patients experience as comfortable as possible. Digital X-rays offers more clearer photos and is much safer due to less exposure to the harmful effect of radiation.

Roslyn Residents Promote Good Oral Health

Maintaining oral health is critical in enhancing overall well-being. Aside from brushing teeth regularly and flossing, it is highly advisable to visit the dental office regularly for teeth examination and cleaning. Routine visits can help prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Patients are also able to avoid expensive procedures and untimely emergencies. The general dentists working at our Roslyn office are trained to perform various procedures. The services offered at our local Roslyn dental office are generally categorized under: preventative services, cosmetic procedures, restorative services.

Preventative dental procedures for our Roslyn neighbors

Statistics indicate that more than 60% of all dental procedures are classified as either preventative or diagnostic. Our preventive dental services are targeted at helping patients maintain good health by reducing the risk of developing oral diseases among other health issues. At our Roselyn dentist office, our dentists perform regular examinations and professional teeth cleaning to prevent diseases of the oral cavity. The dental cleanings are safe and pain-free, thanks to advanced treatment technologies and conducive treatment environment.

Restorative Dental services

Our restorative dental services usually follow immediately after a problem has been discovered. Restorative dentistry is the process of diagnosing, preventing and treating illnesses of the oral cavity. The treatments may involve restoration of missing, discolored, broken or decayed tooth. Common restoration dental services can be performed through bridging and filing. The fillings usually involve the use of composite and amalgam fillings to restore the chipped or eroded surfaces of the teeth.

The composite fillings are resins that are best suited for restoring colored tooth. Additional restorative dental care services and technologies available for patients visiting our Roslyn office include root canal treatment and dentures. Dentures are often recommended as replacements for missing teeth and surrounding soft tissues. The treatment is suitable for persons who have lost all or part of their teeth due to various reasons, including accidents and aging.

The use of dentures can improve speech, chewing and support the functioning of the critical facial muscles. A root canal treatment can be ordered by your dentist to save a patient’s decayed or infected tooth. Patients with root canal often experience a host of discomforting symptoms such as severe toothache, tooth discoloration and prolonged sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment for root canal problem focuses on relieving pain and may involve placement of crown or permanent fillings.

Cosmetic dental procedures for our Roslyn friends!

Along with enhancing the functionality and appearance of teeth, cosmetic dental procedures can help create a lasting smile and unbridled confidence. Our cosmetic dental procedures offered at our Roslyn dental clinic include: bonding, Invisalign, implants, Zoom! teeth whitening and placement of porcelain veneers. Dental implants are usually requested as replacement for missing or damaged tooth while porcelain veneers are designed to enhance the size, shape and color of teeth. The treatment eliminates the chances of developing permanent stains.

invisalign-long island

Invisalign is highly recommended as treatment in patients who do not want to wear braces. Invisalign can also improve smiles and enhance overall oral health. In Roslyn, our dentists offer several Invisalign treatment options, which include custom-molded and clear Invisalign aligners. The latter is designed to reposition teeth gradually. The teeth whitening treatment gives patient’s a super bright and beautiful smile. The whitening process may involve the application of tooth whitening toothpastes along with In-Office tooth whitening or At-home tooth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening toothpastes are effective in eliminating surface stains common in decaying teeth. In addition, the whitening toothpastes have special polishing agents that remove stain without changing the color of the teeth. Our highly effective In-Office tooth whitening service requires only one office visit. The whitening gels recommended for In-Office tooth whitening are very effective enamel bleaching agents. Patients who require colored tooth fillings can choose from a wide range of treatment options designed to align with the teeth’s natural pigmentation.

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If you live in the Roslyn area, you may already know the name “3V Dental Associates”. However, if  you are a new patient, we offer amazing new patients specials to welcome you to the 3V Dental family! Of course, if you have any oral issue, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team immediately to schedule an appointment. Our office continuously accepts new patients for consultations and services. All you need to do is schedule an appointment by phone or online. We cannot wait to offer our patients superior care, beautiful smile and advanced treatment. Due to the level of care provided, we have received many positive comments, which have gone a long way to boost referrals. Most of the patients are appreciative of our friendly staff, high level of professionalism and advanced treatment.

It is important to note that our team of general dentists have many years of experience, which means no issue is too large or small to handle. In case of an emergency or urgent care, the office operates extended business hours to ensure it covers as much ground as possible. Some of the emergency cases we receive involve permanent knocked teeth, broken jaw, cracked teeth and severe toothache among other issues. People who are unable to reach our offices can call 911 directly for urgent care. Our office accepts various payment methods and health insurance covers.