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Searching for the best dentist near Manhasset? Look no further than 3V Dental Associates. Only a short 6 minute drive, find out why our dental practice is ranked #1 dental clinic on the North Shore of Long Island.

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Live in Manhasset? Why Choose 3V Dental Associates?

Everyone wants a nice smile. Wanting your teeth to look nice is only one part of the reasons why you should get regular check-ups with your local 3V Dental Associates dentist. Regular visits to our dental team is necessary to maintaining your overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, many local Manhasset residents do not get their regular check-ups and it can put their teeth’s health in jeopardy. When you let your teeth get in bad shape, it jeopardizes your health and puts you at risk for things like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. There are many reasons and benefits to getting check-ups on a regular basis. Below are some of the top reasons to take into consideration when searching for a Manhasset dentist.

Dental Check-ups and Cleanings for Manhasset Residents

One reason to visit your local Manhasset dentist on a regular basis is to get the build-up of tartar removed with scheduled dental cleanings. Our dental hygienists are trained to clean the hard-to-reach places in their patient’s mouths, making it less likely to have larger, more expensive dental or oral health issues in the future. Tarter is created when plaque is left to build up. When left alone for too long, it gets too hard to remove by yourself. When you leave  your teeth and mouth untreated for a long period of time, it can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Manhasset Loves Preventative Dental Care

One of the most beneficial reasons for getting regular dental check-ups from 3V Dental Associates is so that they may spot problems with your teeth and gums before it has a chance to get worse. Once you receive your regular teeth cleaning, your 3V Dental professional will examine your teeth and mouth for things like cavities and indications of gum disease. If they believe you have the early stages of tooth decay, it can be much easier to treat. However, once a cavity is left to invade your tooth enamel, the pulp can become inflamed and cause infection to spread to your roots.

Advanced X-ray Technolgy

When you go to get regular checkups, you will typically get a set of x-rays taken. 3V Dental Associates specializes in using today’s most advanced x-ray screening techniques to located hard-to-find issues. These x-rays are important to look for things like impacted wisdom teeth and other issues that cannot be seen on the surface. Many people do not realize that some mouth problems don’t even involve pain. This is why x-rays are needed to find problems that can easily go undetected until they are advanced. Another benefit of x-rays is that it can show your local professional if any of your teeth are shifting because of jaw problems or an uneven bite.

Manhasset Cosmetic Dental Services

There are times when even the most conscientious of individuals wake up one day to find their teeth looking less than stellar. It happens to the best of us. Cracked or missing teeth, for example, can make you feel less than confident when you smile. This can lead to a whole host of issues that impact your daily life. It is our mission in life to stop this from happening, so we offer a complete range of cosmetic dental services to assist you.

From bonding and veneers to implants and so much more, you will find that your smile can be restored to its natural brilliance with one of the many cosmetic dental services offered by 3V Dental. If you have lost a tooth, we can replace it with an implant that looks and acts just like the natural tooth that it is replacing. You no longer have to worry about possibly getting dentures when you start to lose your teeth. We are also able to offer bonding and veneers to help clean up and straighten those troublesome areas in your mouth. Stop by to see us and learn about the possibilities that are available to you. As every mouth is unique, we will work with you to do what is in your best interest.

Oral Cancer Screening Near Manhasset

In the United States alone, there are at least a hundred and thirty oral cancer diagnosis each day. This is a staggering amount of cases and it is important to realize that the earlier it is detected, the better the chance of surviving it increases. Because many Americans skip their regular teeth cleanings, many cases of oral cancer end up getting discovered during later stages. This makes it much harder to survive through, unfortunately.  For the convenience of our neighbors in Manhasset, 3V Dental Associates is proud to offer oral cancer screenings.

Manhasset Emergency Dental Services

On top of the previous benefits, another advantage of having regular check-ups with your local professional is that they will be more prepared in the event you have an emergency dental issue. Emergency issues with your teeth are never fun and can be extremely painful. It is essential to have a dentist you can call on in these emergency situations. Be sure to have 3V Dental on speed dial in the event you need an emergency dentist.

When it comes to the health of your teeth, is better to have a plan set in place so that you are prepared. Regular checkups and teeth cleanings can help you have a good plan set in place. They can work with you to formulate a treatment plan that is specific for your needs and can help work with you and your insurance. This will ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to your dental care and your bill. For those that do not have insurance for check-ups, your local professional can usually work with you and formulate a payment plan that you can afford.

Plenty of people make up excuse after excuse for skipping their annual checkups. However, these excuses can pale in comparison to the immense benefits of getting your bi-annual checkups. Don’t delay any further and call your local Manhasset dentist at 3V Dental Associates to schedule your appointment today! Your smile and health will thank you!