Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson Dentist

Searching for the best dentist in on the North Shore of Nassau County? If you live in the Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson area, why not consider 3V Dental Associates? Located just minutes from Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson, treat yourself to the best dental service in our local area.

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In our dental office, patients will find a combination of amazing service from our dentists, hygienists and ancillary staff and, a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Our vibrant energy, professionalism and thriving atmosphere are immediately evident. With a wide array of dentistry services, including preventative care, cosmetic dentistry and emergency treatments, we can help individuals of all ages who have nearly any type of dental need.

Local Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson General Dentistry Services

Many clients come to us for general dentistry services from all over Long Island and Queens, but being just a short drive from Port Washington, Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson residents are our closest neighbors. Our dental services which are those treatments that are used to prevent future tooth and gum disease, diagnose current problems and treat cavities and other similar concerns. Our dentists manage your general oral health, providing you with twice yearly cleanings and general checkups that also include oral cancer screenings. Regular x-rays allow us to see your gums and teeth in a new light and to diagnose any problems that may be lurking beneath the surface. If we discover a problem, we can perform fillings for cavities or can perform more in-depth procedures if needed, such as root canals, bridges or crowns for very diseased teeth.

Preventative education is another important part of what we do at any general dentistry appointment. We want you to know how you can best care for your teeth and gums at home so that your future appointments can be a breeze and so that you can avoid larger problems in the future.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Nearby Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson

Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the preventative care and treatments for disease and instead helps you beautify your smile. If you are unhappy with the shape, size, color or symmetry of your teeth, we can help you achieve your perfect look. We use a variety of tools to either cover up your natural teeth or improve the look of your own enamel. Invisalign treatments and teeth whitening are major parts of this dentistry.

Veneers are an excellent way to cover up discolored or slightly marred natural teeth and project a perfect look. These thin sheets of porcelain are specifically designed to fit onto each of your teeth. You may want a veneer to cover only one tooth or a whole line of them to cover all of the teeth in the front of your mouth. We can even color-match them to your existing teeth if necessary. Veneers are a permanent treatment that can be used to cover over slightly chipped, cracked or stained teeth.

Bonding is another option used to repair chipped or cracked teeth. Once again, the resin used is color-matched to your teeth for a completely natural look. This is a simple procedure in which a dentist applies the material to your tooth and hardens it with a curing light.

Crowns can also be used to cover over tooth imperfections. They are different from veneers in that they cover all sides of the tooth rather than only the front side. Another service we provide is implants, which can completely replace adult teeth that you have lost. The implant is fixed into your jawbone for strength.

Live in Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson and Searching for Invisilign?

Invisalign uses a gradually changing series of clear trays in place of traditional braces to straighten your teeth. While they may not be right for individuals with extremely crooked teeth or very large overbites or underbites, they are a great solution for those with mildly to moderately crooked teeth who do not want to have to put up with ceramic or metal braces. In particular, teenagers and adults love this solution. We find that treatment with Invisalign is usually faster and more precise than traditional tooth-straightening methods are.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening for Our Friends in Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson

Zoom! teeth whitening is an in-office procedure that is stronger than anything you could get over-the-counter in your local drugstore. It uses a 25 percent mixture of hydrogen peroxide along with a special chair-side lamp to bleach stains from your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down on the enamel, allowing oxygen in to whiten stains. This is a great solution for teeth that are stained from drinking coffee or wine or from smoking. The procedure takes about one hour and includes the application of a fluoride gel at the end to decrease tooth sensitivity.

Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson Keep Their Gums Healthy with Ongoing Treatments

Gum disease affects millions of Americans, but it can be prevented by good oral care. We provide gum disease detection services with our general oral care and can help you determine if receding or bleeding gums are a symptom of this periodontal disease. If your gum disease is advanced, we provide such treatments as scaling and root planing to remove tartar from below the gums and to clear away periodontal pockets.

Glen Cove, Herricks and Albertson Emergency Dental Services

We provide after-hour and weekend care for emergency dental needs, such as toothaches, chipped and cracked teeth and missing teeth. You will be able to see one of our experienced dentists and experience cutting-edge care and fast pain relief.

Still not convinced that 3V Dental Associates can be your new dental practice? Call us today to speak to one of our friendly associates and find out why Long Island chooses 3V Dental for all their oral health needs!